Bodiology 4U

Pre and Post Natal Massage with Infant Massage

Pre Natal Message

Many changes occur in the body during pregnancy. Massage can ease many of these stresses by preventing stretch marks, ease back pain and alleviating muscle tensions.

The special techniques insure a comfortable and safe way for you to relax and pamper yourself through this transitional time.

Post Natal Massage

This is best way to help your body recover from the birthing process. Strengthens, tones, and relieves laxed tissue and tensed muscles.

Allows quality sleep and promotes more energy to enjoy the new baby. Calms the mind and helps relieve postpartum depression.

Infant Massage

Relieves aches and pains from the birthing process. Tones and strengthens the body while helping with the growth of healthy tissues.

Relieves fatigue and promotes sleep helping the infant feel calm and happy, reduces colic.