Bodiology 4U


Thank you for the wonderful massage. Leisa, you have a healing touch. I have a really busy schedule, as you know, but after the massage I felt alive. Thank you so much. Hope to do it every time I'm up there.
On the days I had massage, my mind was so still, so calm and no restlessness at all. Leisa's face/cranial massage was awesome.
I started going to the Mind Body Zone after my daughter bought me my first massage as a Mother’s Day Gift. The place is clean and inviting and the room has soft lighting and music that creates a comfortable and relaxing environment. Leisa, the massage therapist, is very professional. Every time I visit she asks me questions regarding my health so that she can customize the massage based on my needs. I have a chronic back problem due to sitting, for many hours, in front of a computer and Leisa’s hot stone massages have helped me manage my pain. I would highly recommend Leisa and the Mind Body Zone.
After giving birth to twins 13 months ago, I have had the most healing massages ever from Leisa Jarman. I cannot say how much better I felt and how the various pains just seemed to melt away after an hour with Leisa. She is truly a miracle worker. I would recommend her to anyone, and most especially to pregnant and post pregnant women. With my most heartfelt thanks, Sincerely,
Mishla Gershenson
For all those postpartum women, my sincere advice, “Please take massages from Leisa Jarman for at least a month after delivering your baby". She is simply the best. Massages have a great healing power on a tired body and Leisa knows exactly what to do to make one feel better. Soon after i delivered my elder one (my daughter Ananya 3 and half years old now) I suffered from severe pelvic pain. The pain was so bad that no amount of stretches, or physiotherapy was helping me. Somehow I kept tolerating the pain. Then when I was pregnant with my second one (a son Vicky 2 months old now) I contacted Leisa and planned to take massages immediately after delivering the baby. I took the massages for 1 month and today I can say I have lost that pain only because of Leisa. She worked on my back, hips and joints every day in such a way that pelvic pain is gone now. Thanks Leisa. I feel so much energetic and charged to take care of my family in a way that was not possible earlier because of my pain. God bless you Leisa. You are an "Angel in disguise " for me.